Band saw machines are in high demand due to its wide range of application, from a small metal workshops to giant metal cutting companies. A bandsaw machine can be used for cutting or reshaping metal or wood, which is placed on a table with a long tooth blade that rotates on a wheel. Bandsaw's primary function is to shape materials that has irregular shape or appearance by sawing it to the desired dimensions.

Today, many types of bandsaw machines are available in the market to perform complex reshaping tasks involving cutting and reshaping of diverse materials. Band saw blades are chosen depending on the industry, metal type, quantity of the materials, to name a few parameters.  

Given the type of work involved, it's crucial that you should become familiar with the tools and take a few necessary precautions while using a band saw.

Here are some guidelines for operating bandsaw machines.


Step 1 : Safety

It's important to put on safety goggles, gloves, and any other necessary safety gear before using any power tool. Also take care not to wear loose clothes as it can accidentaly catch on the saw blades and cause accidents.  

Step 2 : Know your Machine

Most bandsaws comes with multiple features and a dedicated area with controls to enable them. It is important to be familiar with the capabilities in order to control the machine to give the desired output. Most band saw machines have multiple speeds, but if yours only has one, that's not a problem. If you are facing the machine, the power switch and speed indicators are typically on the left side of the device.

Step 3 : Measurements

Mark your measurements on the item that you need to cut to ensure accuracy and avoid wastage. Make sure the sizes you're attempting to cut will pass through the cutter, ensure the breadth of the object will not increase the gap between the machine column and blade while making straight line cuts.

Step 4 : Set Speed

The speed of the saw will change according to the type of material you are cutting. It is recommended to use fast speed for soft materials and relatively slow for hard materials.

Step 5 : Feeding

After  marking the measurements and setting the speed, the object is ready to be fed into the machine. Depending on the machine you are using, you may either manually feed the object through the machine or use a controlled feeder. Make sure to double check which side the blade's teeth are facing before feeding the object into the machine and even before starting it up.

When manually feeding the object, prevent your hands from touching the blade. If you are using a powered feeder, be careful not to put yourself in a situation where you could get caught in any of the moving parts of the device.

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Benefits of Bandsaw Machines

Bandsaw machines offers uniform and precise cutting action with evenly distributed tooth loads. The design of the bandsaw machine guarantees better load distribution, which enhances performance and minimizes production wastage. It is one of the safest and flexible tool used to achieve fast cuts regardless of the angles you're cutting with a bandsaw machine.

So, these are a few key elements you must consider before using a bandsaw machine. Among the most commonly used cutting techniques, Bandsaw is the efficient tool for precise cuts that prioritizes human comfort and safety.

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