Success. A magical word, Inspirational, Contagious, Ambitious and Colorful. Success begets success. But at the same time, at Rockwood International, we believe that there are no short cuts to success, to be a leader in your chosen field.

Rockwood international has adopted the path of hard work and discipline to ensure sustained growth. Backed by our focus on quality, this approach has generated remarkable dividends for the company. This is also reflected in the healthy rate of growth recorded by us. Assurance is the foundation of every business. The sparkling achievements of our company are the result of our vision focused on uncompromising quality and excellence. In a decade, we have grown to be one of the best steel fabrication machinery provider in the Middle East and African region. Being an engineering firm, Our extensive sales and service network extends throughout the Middle East region providing prompt and efficient support to our clients in the field of machinery and automation for steel fabrication industry.


The market challenges in today’s world warrant innovative techniques and quick production through automated machines, thus reducing production cost and time. The quality standards of fabrication field are being constantly improved and delivery schedules shortened, which require new and automated processes in this field too. Our products were selected on the basis of this realization and we always remain in the pursuit for the best solutions for the varying needs of the fabrication industry.

Our efforts have always been in the direction of understanding the needs of our clients and proposing the best solution to meet his requirements. This helped us in promoting simple machines to complete automation lines in this Middle East market.

The target markets for our products are Pipe fabrication ,Storage tank fabrication, Pressure vessel fabrication, Structural Steel fabrication, Products for Light & Architectural steel fabrication industries, oil and gas fabrication, ship building etc. We have a team of Engineers who can assist you in choosing the best solutions by studying and analyzing your requirements. Our products are backed by trained and experienced service team ensuring always prompt service support to our clients..