Today in industries across verticals, a lot of metal work, especially permanent joining of components are carried out using the latest techniques in welding, brazing, soldering and other alternate techniques. Fastener Insertion Tool is one of the popular devices used in the industrial sector to combine materials to produce neat and durable edges. Due to its ability to be removed and disassembled without causing damage to the components being joined, most fastener insertion machines function better than any other permanent connections. 

The fastener insertion machine is widely used by contractors for erecting steel structures in the construction industry, by inserting the studs into the pre-punched holes of panels. Depending on the type of functionality and the requirement, fastener insertion machines can be operated manually, semi-automatically or fully-automatically. 

While there are many types of Fastener Insertion Machines in UAE, this article discusses the most common ones used in the construction industry and their advantages. 



Generally speaking, Fasteners are classified as Permanent and Non-Permanent fasteners. Permanent fasteners include rivets and nails that create permanent connections between two materials or pieces. On the other hand, non-permanent fasteners like bolts and screws, make it possible to remove and reuse pieces as needed for a variety of industries and products. 

In order to clamp two or more pieces, nuts and bolts are used together. Common types of nuts in the industry include the Hex nuts, Locknuts, Nylon insert nuts, Shear nuts and Wingnuts. Hex nut is just as the name implies, is a hexagon nut which is plain with an internal thread. Locknuts are generally used when the nut is to be rigidly fixed without being hooked to another one. Nylon insert nuts with a hexagonal nut features nylon inserts to keep them from sliding down from vibration. 

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Along with the wide classifications of Fasteners, it is beneficial for various applications also. Fasteners are present in everyday life, including chairs, doors, tables, windows, stools, kitchen utensils, electrical devices and many more. Broader applications of fasteners are automotive industries, aviation, agricultural equipment, marines, etc. 

Due to easy disassembling and re-assembling of parts, bolts, screws, and studs are the most commonly used Fasteners in the welding industry. Bolts are generally used in conjunction with a nut and at times with a washer in order to fix them in position. Screws such as Machine Screws, Cap Screws and Wood screws are usually screwed into an internally threaded hole. Studs are used to join two components with internally threaded holes together. To hold two or more pieces together, nuts are used in combination with bolts. 

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