Fastener Insertion Machine in UAE

A fastener insertion machine is used for inserting the studs into the pre-punched holes of panels that are joined together to form a steel structure. The machine is widely used by contractors for erecting steel structures in the construction industry. Depending on the type of functionality, fastener insertion machines can be operated manually, semi-automatically or fully-automatically. While there are many types of fastener insertion machines in the UAE, the most common ones are the stud clinching machine, which is used in the construction industry in the UAE.

618 MSPe

This model has 6 ton (57KN) ram force, 18 inch (457 mm) throat depth. Upholding the values of safety and flexibility, the machine displays reliability and energy efficiency of a fully hydraulic machine. It is built with ram force residence time, flexible for processing hard materials. The adaptability of ram return stroke guarantees long-lasting reliability and it allows applying working pressure at any stroke point.


  • Automatic set pressure and fast programming
  • Positive stop system
  • Lazer locating light
  • Modular Autofeed System (Optional)
  • Modular Autofeed Tooling (Optional)
  • Turrent Insertion System (Standard)
  • 33 pieces MSTP

618- NC

This is one of the most efficient fastener insertion machines and comes with 6 ton (57KN) ram force but with 18 inch (450 mm) throat depth. Rockwood is an authorized fastener machine dealer in UAE and we provide machines that are equipped with PLC Control system and safety system. It allows to apply force which is adjustable from 457LBS.(2KN) to 12825KN(57K). The Positive stop cylinders exclusively built for soft work pieces are an added feature of 618- NC fastener insertion machine. They also provide upgradation to automatic feeding. 


  • Positive stop system
  • Easy force setting
  • Safe and reliable
  • Leak proof batch counter
  • MSTP-14
  • 7 inch touch screen
  • laser locating light reference 
  • Installation of optional tooling to the all new and existing 618 presses 

1025- MSPe 

10 ton (97KN) ram force, 650 mm throat depth. 1025- MSPe is a well developed fastener insertion machine, making it a very reliable and energy efficient fully hydraulic machine. Processing extremely rigid materials is managed with structured force residence time and the ram return stroke is flexible. This allows the user to give working pressure at any point in the stroke.


  • Automatic set pressure and fast programming
  • Positive stop system
  •  Lazer locating light
  • Modular Autofeed System (Optional)
  • Modular Autofeed Tooling (Optional)
  • Turrent Insertion System (Standard)
  • 33 pieces MSTP

1025 PLUS

It has a floor standing structure which ensures improved avoidance effect. This innovative fastener insertion machine model has a large throat depth structure and riveting width which has a large board above 1300 mm. Built with the latest technologies, it is more safe, efficient and affordable fastener insertion machines in the UAE.


  • Positive stop (Standard)
  • Easy operation 
  • Leak proof count/ stroke Adjustment
  • Safety System
  • MSTP-14/33 (Optional)
  • Modular Autofeed system (Optional)

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