Inox System Revolution

The technologically advanced system RC INOX SYSTEM REVOLUTION is the only system capable of realizing, using unlabeled products, the complete cycle of stainless steel: degreasing, deoxidation, pickling, electrochemical polishing, passivation Certificate in compliance with standards B 117 and ASTM 967.

With a low environmental impact, it is able to treat TIG, PLASMA, LASER, RESISTANCE ORBITAL and MIG welding instantly, effectively, without waste, and with low environmental impact; the vapors that are emitted during processing have been subjected to an external laboratory to control and the analyzes have given results “CLEARLY LOWER THAN THE MINIMUM DANGER THRESHOLD”.The R.C. system INOX SYSTEM REVOLUTION can be updated and customized remotely according to the needs of treatment and finishing, assistance that will always be provided free of charge, the system is wheeled and is made in compliance with EU safety standards and is supplied with CE marking, It is equipped with a professional case containing: electrochemical brushes of different sizes, different sets of swabs and 1 cm tips, Screwdriver Tip Insert for finishing touches, up to 350 mm torches usable with the MONSTER version.


  • Incorporates Technologies and New Waveforms capable of rapidly breaking down tenacious oxides, Torches and protective materials Designed ad hoc, to maximize the use of high-performance Non-Dangerous Chemical Products for the Operator.
  • The most powerful system in the world for the treatment of stainless steel (the only system in the world remotely programmable via USB port, which allows the determination of the behavior of the system according to the type of welding: TIG, MIG, electrode, arc Submerged, etc.)
  • The fastest system in the world for pickling through a plurality of torches, electrochemical brushes and multi-brushes capable of covering the entire treatment cycle on stainless steel: degreasing, decontamination, pickling, multimaterial passivation, deoxidation (for maintenance) , electropolishing, marking.
  • Allows two operators to work simultaneously with the same system.
  • The system allows you to work on shiny surfaces: it does not opacify the treated area.
  • The system ensures instant maintenance to remove corrosion and restore the surface of stainless steel.
  • Incomparable speed: the width of the operating torches can reach 350 mm and even more with the Monster versions.
  • The treatment performed by RC INOX SYSTEM REVOLUTION is CERTIFIED and guarantees a high resistance to corrosion through multi-material passivation with performances superior to those of Nitric Acid.
  • 100% Made in Italy: System and chemicals are produced in our factories.
  • Through the MONSTER versions of the INOX SYSTEM Revolution, even on large surfaces the performance customization is Total.

The system also has the electrochemical marking function of stainless steel through the MARKING KIT tool.