Stud Welding Machine in UAE

Rockwood has been at the forefront of exporting and distributing highly advanced portable and versatile equipment for all types of stud welding machines in the UAE, from Capacitor Discharge and Drawn Arc products. Our knowledgeable staff is here to provide you with in-depth technical information and advice on our wide range of equipment. You can get in touch with us to know more about our products.

Stud welding machines help in the powerful and reliable methods of applying a single side fastening to a metal component.

There are three main stud welding processes: capacitor discharge (CD), drawn arc (DA), and short cycle (SC). Each process is suited to particular materials and provides various stud welding capabilities, but all of these processes produce impressively strong and lasting results. Stud welding can be used for a diverse range of industries, from electrical and mechanical to decorative and consumer.

The benefits of Taylor Stud welding machines for industrial use include:

  • Superior strength: the process produces a welded joint that is, in fact, stronger than the stud and parent material, for high-quality, reliable fastening. Stud welding does not weaken the material with holes or reverse marking.
  • Minimal operator fatigue: our systems have been created to minimize operator fatigue, benefitting from balanced and lightweight designs.
  • Increased profit margins: the rapid nature of welding studs and flexible applications of our machines help companies save money as well as time.
  • Application Versatility: our equipment range has been designed to provide a variety of results depending on your requirements, company set-up, and budget.

Our Stud Welding machines and tools are designed to save you time while increasing your profit margins, all while providing the best quality and latest technological innovations to ensure you stay ahead of the competitive curve in UAE. For instance, our CDi rangeincludes the latest inverter technology for vastly improved charge rates and overall efficiency.

Capacitor Discharge Products

Capacitor Discharge (CD) products are perfect for flawlessly welding studs to thin gauge materials with clean and flat surfaces, including mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, and brass. Capacitor Discharge stud welding causes nominal penetration to the parent material and doesn’t require finishing, so is ideal for applications where reverse marking needs to be minimal and smaller diameter studs of dia ranging from 2 mm 10 mm are preferred.

The benefits of Taylor Studwelding Capacitor Discharge stud welding products include robust yet light designs, minimal operator fatigue, fast recharge times, rapid welding action, LED technology, and ultimate flexibility, whether you’re looking for a machine in the CDM Multigun range that operates a combination of hand tools or easy capacitor voltage adjustment. Above all, we offer quality and reliability in each machine we make, as we have been doing for over 30 years in the stud welding industry in UAE and all over the world.

Drawn Arc Products in UAE

Drawn Arc stud welding (also known as DA stud welding) achieves very strong penetrative welds on materials of 2mm thickness and above. Drawn Arc products are really the only choice for stud welding large diameters (2 mm – 25 mm)and they can tolerate surface curvature and imperfections such as light rust, grease, and scale. The Drawn Arc stud welding process provides a supremely neat and controlled weld fillet and is suited to multi-gun applications.

Automated Stud Welding Machines

Taylor Studwelding’s automated stud welding machines are highly efficient and economical choices for a variety of applications. The fully Automated System stud welding range boasts up to 4 welding heads, dual controllers to increase speed, and welding rates of up to 60 studs per minute. Ideal for long and short production runs, these effortlessly programmable 2 axis machines have a high accuracy level and can weld several components simultaneously to save time and money.

The CNC Automated Stud Feed Production Unit uses computer numerical control to provide pre-programmed sequences of machine controlling commands to your stud welding system. Available with PC or PLC control options, these stud welding machines can have up to 4 axes, comes with linear encoders to give superior positional accuracy, and can weld areas of up to 3000 x 2000mm at up to 60 studs per minute.