Welding Rotators, also known as: Tank Rollers, Welding Rollers, Tank Rotators, Weld Rotators, Pipe Rotators, Welding Rolls, Welding Rotators, Vessel Rollers, Tank Rolls and Turning Rolls  is mainly used to weld circular and longitudinal seams of cylindrical objects, such as barrels, pressure containers, boilers, etc. This turning roll mainly consists of a base, driving rollers, idlers, electric cabinet, brackets, transmission device, and power-driven device.

And this welding rotator can be widely used in many fields like manual welding industry, cylindrical object assembling field, and more. And it features high welding quality, low labor intensity, and high efficiency.

Features of Welding Rotator:

  1. The distance between the rollers can be automatically adjusted in order to make its barrels available for different diameters.
  2. The roller speed can be adjusted by the frequency control system, thus the reliability of equipment operation is improved.
  3. This turning roller can be easy to operate by the manually controlled box.
  4. It has various types, such as movable type, lifting type, and more.
  5. The specially designed roller bed makes the welding more convenient.
  6. The rollers can be made of various materials like black rubber, polyurethane, steel, etc.

We are offering rollers from 1 ton to 600 ton capacity and there are normally welding rollers broadly classified in to two types

  1. Conventional / Adjustable Welding Rotator:
  2. Self-aligned welding rollers

Conventional / Adjustable Welding Rotator:

The adjustable welding rotator is designed for handling and automatic welding circular metal containers, and it mainly used in oil industry, press vessel field, wind tower production line, pipe line production field, and many other round workpiece fields.

It is mainly composed of a drive rotator, an idle rotator, an electric control box, and a remote control box. The drive rotator owns two sets of movable rolling wheels and bases. The base has a box structure to protect the inside screw components, and the base can also connect the two movable drive rotators. By rotating the screw, the two sets of rolling wheels can simultaneously move forward or backward. This adjustable welding rotator is connected with an electric motor through a worm gear speed reducer. The drive rotator can offer stable rotating power to ensure the operation efficiency, and the electric control box is fitted with a digital display screen, on which accurate rotating speed of the rotator is shown.

Self-aligned welding rollers

Self-aligned welding rotator is mainly used for handling and automatic welding circular metal containers, and can be widely applied to oil industry, press vessel field, wind power production line, pipe line production sector, and many other round workpieces.  This type is designed and produced to better satisfy the growing demands for the pressure vessel manufacturers both domestically and internationally. It can deal with a wide range of diameters, and it adopts frequency conversion setting and stepless speed regulation mode.


1, Since the constant torch, frequency control motor, making the load capacity much bigger, low-speed stability much better.

2, Polyurethane wheel design increases the friction between wheel and work piece, standing the high temperature, fiction better and do not easy to skid.

3, Separation structure is suitable for any length work piece.

4, The position of the wheel can be adjustable to fit the larger range of  work pieces

5,   Do not need any tool to remove the position of wheel, just put the wheel symmetrically into the relative groove, so easy and simple to operate and even save your value time and labor.

6,  Adopting the foot pedal control the on/off of the turning roll. You can also choose the NHFC-10 speed foot pedal, which could control the on/off, but also the rotation speed. Realizing the one key regulation, easy operation.

7, The whole machine adopts the welding design structure, holding the advantage of compact structure and high Rigid, convenient to install and remove, very suitable for the different working place.