Welding Manipulator | Welding column and boom :

Welding manipulator are used for the inside and outside circumferential and longitudinal SAW welding. It mainly consists of column, boom, pedestal, ladder, electrical equipment , control pendent  and flux recovery system .  The customer can integrate their existing welding head and Welding power source with our column and booms . There are three types of column and boom we offers

  1. Fixed type,
  2. Fixed with rotation of the boom type
  3. Carriage moving type on rails
    Column can do both retracting (left and right) and lifting(up and down) movement to meet weld need.
    The speed of retracting are adjusted by Frequency Conversion Speed Control(VFD). It is precise and stable.

This column and boom can be composed and linkage with welding positioner , turning rolls and welding power , can achieve automatic welding for the girth and straight of the inside and the outside of the cylinder or other metal structure.