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Road pile driving equipment in UAE

At Rockwood, we have been delivering a complete range of pile-driving machines for the installation of highway guard-rails, and a great variety of accessories required for guard-rail installation. We also supply machines from the Pauselli Company who can design and realize machinery engineering through physical production, according to your needs. Our pile-driving machines are chosen for the following reasons:

  1. QUALITY – All machines are 100% MADE IN ITALY
  2. CUSTOMER CARE SERVICE -Efficient after-sales service and consulting for any type of problem.
  3. ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES – we are always up to date on the latest technology

The most common models are

Self propelled pile driver MOD. 700

Pile driver machine Mod. 700 is stable, compact and quick in its movements, specially designed for road safety barriers installation.

The machine can be used also for wooden piles and photovoltaic installation. Pile driving machine mod.700 standard can install piles of a maximum height of 3 meters.

On request the machine can be supplied with an extension column, in order to install piles up to 3,50 meters.


Pile driving machine MOD. 500SX

Truck-mounted Road pile driving equipment in UAE equipment mod. 500SX can be easily installed in any kind of truck and is very suitable for road maintenance work. It is able to operate autonomously thanks to the independent hydraulic power unit and does not need to be powered from the truck.

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