Bandsaw Machines in UAE

Rockwood Machinery has been specializing in supplying mid to large-size bandsaws and circular saws Machines, from EVERISING in and around UAE. Prioritizing high quality, innovation and leading technology, Rockwood has been recognized as a major distributor of sawing machines with superior quality, optimum performance in the sawing industry.

Bandsaws Machines can be used for cutting or reshaping metal, wood and many more.  The bandsaws Machine cuts a variety of work items by mounting its blade across two wheels on the same plane. It improves the consistent cutting resulting in uniformly distributed pieces. With the use of our bandsaws machines, irregular or curved structures are changed into straight cuts.

We have a wide range of bandsaws machines available, they are:


  • Hi-Tech Band Saw
  • Fully Automatic
  • Band Saw
  • Semi-automatic
  • Band Saw
  • Mitre Cutting Band Saw
  • Vertical Band Saw
  • Aluminium Cutting Band Saw
  • Ring Cutting Band Saw
  • Silicon Cut Saw

Please send us your requirements and our product expert will get in touch with you .

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