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Hydraulic Presses and Manipulator

Keeping abreast of the trends in bending and forming operations, we deliver high quality plate rolling machines in Dubai. Rockwood is proud to relies on Tommaso Seravesi’s collaboration, who has been designing bending machine, presses and flanging machines for over 50 years. Besides supervising the building stage of the Plate Rolling Machines, we have been leading the supply of highly- efficient plate rolling machines in Dubai. 

The main objective of 1960 Seravesi Srl is that of supplying sheet metal forming machinery such as 3 and 4 rolls plate bending machines, presses and flanging machines, alongside the manufacturing of this constructing machinery, starting from its design down to the final testing and assembly on site with the utmost precision and care. We are the manufacturer of:

  • Plate Bending Machines 3 Rolls With Variable Geometry And Double Pre-Bending;
  • 4 Rolls Pyramidal With Double Pre-Bend;
  • Hydraulic Press Presses With Mobile Piston And Fix Gantry;
  • Presses With Fix Piston And Gantry;
  • Presses With Mobile Piston And Gantry;
  • Hydraulic Manipulators;
  • Hydraulic Flanging Machines;
  • Special Machine According To The Customer Request

Hydraulic Presses and Manipulator

Hydraulic Presses

These are hydraulic fixed or mobile gantry machines and powerful fixed or mobile hydraulic units.

Key Features of Presses

VERSATILE Depending on the accessories that are installed, they can be used for different tasks such as forming dishes ends, corrugated panels and complex shapes or straightening plates and welded structures.

RELIABLE Thanks to their particular construction concept, the existing forces are not unloaded on the fastening screws of the mechanical parts but rather on specially sized pins based on the machine’s power. The particular construction of both the upper and lower crossbar means that the seat of the cylinder lies on the neutral axis to avoid any points subjected to high stress.

EASY to maintain thanks to easy accessibility of the electrical and hydraulic parts and thanks to diagnostics in the control panel that is always at the operator’s fingertips.

Structure of Presses (CE certified presses)

Our presses consist of a low basement, two side uprights and the upper crossbar where the hydraulic cylinder and hydraulic control unit are found. For presses with low-tonnage push, the structure is a monolithic one.

The lower level is equipped with T slots for direct fixing both the moulds of the basement and the moulding, also equipped with T slots.

The metal structures of the basement, the uprights and the crossbar are made of plates of different electro-welded thicknesses, subjected to stress relieving heat treatment to remove stress due to welding and sandblasting treatment with pre-coating.

Hydraulic control unit consisting of: motor pump unit, electro valves, pressure relief valves which guarantee overload protection. The unit is positioned above the upper crossbar and is connected directly by means of special pre-filled valves to the hydraulic cylinder.

Siemens, ABB, Telemecanique, Moeller electrical system. It consists of a movable or flag console control panel, connected to the machine with low voltage and a general cabinet where there are installed all of the electrical components, as well as the machine control PLC SIEMENS S7.

Linear potentiometer mounted on the cylinder to read the position and manage the pressing programme.

SIEMENS KTP1200 PN independent control Touch Panel with 12” touch screen colour display. By changing pages it is possible to see on the display the position of the cylinder, to set its rate of descent and ascent, to set its working pressure and the diagnostic functions and the machine alarm. If there is the automatic MFB manipulator, it displays also all of the axis and the diagnostics.

Modem to remotely control the PLC in case of software changes and resolution of machine faults.

Air or water cooling system for hydraulic oil.

Hydraulic cylinder: the special design of the cylinder ensures rapid descent without the maximum use of electric power. The cylinder is equipped with 2 or 4 guide columns to prevent rotation of the rod and ensure maximum rigidity during its whole stroke.