Most widely used industrial metalworking tools

Metal Cutting is more important in this century. Today it requires intense precision, expert artistry and advanced technology. With the advancement of metal cutting technologies over time, there are many metal cutting tools available now. In this article, we'll discuss the four main categories of metal cutting tools commonly used in metalworking industries.



Metalworking tools help to cut steel as well as other metals and they can be used for various applications throughout the industry.



Bandsaw machines are used to cut or shape metal, wood, and many more. The blade of the bandsaw machine is fixed across two wheels in the same plane to cut a variety of work materials. Bandsaw Machines in Dubai can convert curved or uneven constructions into straight cuts, resulting in more consistent cutting. Rockwood has been providing various Bandsaw machines across multiple industries including Hi-Tech, Fully Automatic, Semi-automatic, Mitre Cutting Band Saw and many more.



Heavy-duty fabricators frequently use portable pug cutting machines along with gas cutting machines to save production costs and increase job efficiency. Manufacturers of Portable Pug Cutting Machine in UAE include cutting devices that are lightweight, portable, and powered by either acetylene or LPG. The Pug Cutting Machine is simply set down on the surface to cut with and the track can be utilized for cutting straight as well as for movement. And they can be used for cutting beams, pipes, and straight-line cutting plates.


CNC Pipe Profile Cutting Machines in UAE include four axis computer controls for optimum control and flexibility, making clean cuts and minimizing work piece damage. While cutting simple and complex machine parts in any form, it offers cutting-edge precision, repeatability, accuracy and triple productivity. Using pre-programmed machine motions, a CNC machine is set up to operate machine tools including lathes, routers, grinders, and mills. With the help of contemporary computerized technology, CNC cutting machines have ushered in a new era of greater precision and efficiency for a variety of users.



An autonomous, effective, and high-performance auto drilling machine used in the field of iron towers to punch, drill, and mark joint plates. It comprises the turbine wheels, plates, landing gears, engine housing, turbine wheels, fuel access panels, and other pieces. CNC drilling machine – Table type and Drill+ CNC drilling machine (Gantry type), the two types of CNC cutting machines equips the drilling procedure simple, welcoming, and error-free.

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The industrial metal working tools available in the market exhibit different purposes. Each is suitable for unique metal types and various applications. If you are in search for high-quality metalworking tools, it is advisable to work with experienced professionals like Rockwood Machinery. With years of expertise in the field of fabrication industry, Rockwood has been offering uncompromising quality and excellence with a wide range of metalworking tools in the UAE.

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