Shear studs in UAE

Shear Studs in UAE  on the top flanges of the steel girders provide the means to achieve composite action between the slab and the girders, thus increasing both stiffness and strength.  Shear Studs are designed to tie the concrete slab with the steel beams and steel deck. Weld studs and welded studs suppliers in UAE helps to resist shear forces and increase shear loading capacity in steel buildings. Mainly applied for through steel deck stud welding in composite construction project. Like high-rise steel-framed structures, industrial buildings, steel bridges construction welding, transportation facilities and other types of steel structures projects.

Shear stud manufactured in our factory are strictly produce with high quality and are regularly weld tested can be welded by reputed brands of stud welder without any problem. ISO13918:2008, AWSD 1.1, BS5400 etc. standards are all available. All Shear Studs are supplied with ceramic ferrules. The Ceramic ferrules are made of cordierite and able to withstand heat shock as well as high temperatures without melting or breaking

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